Vaughan Oliver: A Portrait Of The Artist As A Jung Man

Vaughan Oliver has been responsible for creating the look and cementing the visual aesthetic of 4AD records since the early 80s. John Doran meets him to talk about producing sleeve art that endures. See the online interview here.


Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier talk Minotaur

Venue: The Gallery, UCA, Epsom, UK.

Time: Monday 7th December 2009 starts 5pm.

Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier discuss the Minotaur Project.

Hosted by Brian Whitehead including contributing students Ben Ewing, Aron Kitney, Phoebe Richardson, Michael Speed, Rose Thomas, Paul Tumber, and Rosie Upright.

Please apply for tickets at Registery Office limited places available.



Welcome to The Subbacultcha

Filter Magazine Issue 37 releases an interview with The Pixies’ Black Francis, Kim Deal, Vaughan Oliver and myself discussing the Minotaur project and past Pixies’s sleeve artworks. Read the full interview in print format.









Minotaur now live on Domain Website

My full uncut version of the Minotaur project is now live on my site. This marks a change in the look of the site and a hint of what it may evolve into in the next few months. My idea is to simplify my site, having only 3 bodies of work for viewing. The rest of the work will be put in my Photoshelter Archive where it can more easily be seen, referenced and searched. My blogs will work in two ways; Addenda will serve as notice board to notify current projects, reviews and links etc, the key blog site will be Cyphers which will offer a way for people to explore my working/thought processes more – it will include background material to projects, reference images and versions not seen anywhere else – it will cover the last 20 years and of course new work – images will be posted daily (or every few days) building up over time, a much larger picture of how I work and what themes recur in my work. Its function will be educational but delivered in the “bite size” blog format.

Important Note: The images on my website and those that will appear in the Pixies’ Minotaur Box Set are not exactly the same. Some of the images are different depending on their particular context and relationship to other images within the same body of work. It has within it, its own narrative and recurring themes. The bulk of the imagery was shot between August and October 2008, all of it in South East Asia and much of it with the small digital Ricoh GRD2 and the much berated Sigma DP1. Later images were made with the Leica M8.2. Had the M8.2 been available in August instead of November, the project may have taken an entirely different route. I haven’t given up film! Some of the images were shot with Leica M’s. The pairing of images is something that has developed out of my panoramic work and also marks a revisit to very early work made in the mid 80’s when I was documenting Italian Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. Revisiting the Pixies’ classic albums has acted like a catalyst for me and triggered renewed interest in themes that I will be reexploring in the next coming months in Europe.










Simon Larbalestier talks Pixies and Minotaur on YouTube (full length version)

The full length version of myself discussing the Minotaur Pixies’ Box Set and other related Pixies projects is now on YouTube. This was interview was filmed in Bangkok in May 2009 by Helen Kudrich, production and editing was by Neil Chenery in Melbourne. 99% of the initial images shot for Minotaur were made with the Ricoh GRD2 and the Sigma DP1. The images  were shot in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia during the period August -October 2008. However as the project expanded into 2009, more recent images were made with the Leica M8.2. The decision to shoot in digital and not film was a deliberate choice on my part,  to place the work in the context of 2008/2009 and keep it separate from the original sleeve images of the late 1980’s and early 90’s.





Pixies Minotaur Launch Party Pictures

On the 15th June 2009, in London’s trendy Shoreditch district, the Pixies played a secret gig to 300 people invited to celebrate the launch of the Minotaur Box Set – a special limited edition package of the five original albums. These photos posted on my domain website here document the events leading up to and including the party. A few are posted below.

Opening pages from the Minotaur Limited Edition 92 page book. Village Underground, Shoreditch, London.

"Glove" a double page spread from the Minotaur Limited Edition 92 page book, rests against one of the Pixies' equipment tour crates, Village Underground, Shoreditch, London.

"Crush" a double page spread from the Minotaur Limited Edition 92 page book, rests against one of the Pixies' equipment tour crates, Village Underground, Shoreditch, London.