Bayeux Ltd in London.

A big thanks goes to the team at Bayeux Ltd (Terry, Nick, Julie, Iris, Martin and Rob) for their professional excellence in producing the archival Lightjet C-Type prints* for my Pixies retrospective at Snap Galleries new flagship premises in the heart of Piccadilly London. You can find them at 78 Newman Street London W1T 3EP Tel: 020 7436 1066. Bayeux also offer drum scanning facilities as well as a host of archival papers and printing output options. Special thanks to Nick B for his patience in working with my images. They also offered me a free window display whilst the show is on! A hearty thanks to Miguel at Genesis who drum scanned Nimrod’s Son and Surfer Rosa’s #1-3 last year for me.

*A note on Lightjets C-Type prints:

Silver-halide photographic paper is fixed on an internal drum, where three digitally controlled lasers simultaneously expose the photo-sensitive paper (or back-lit transparency medium) with red, green, and blue light.  The print is then processed using traditional photochemical means. After which, the photographic print is handled just as any other photo-print. LightJet is a true photographic continuous tone process. Most deliver a final product printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive or Kodak Endura paper in sizes up to at least 4×10 feet . Other Silver-Halide based materials can be printed on laser driven devices such as the LightJet. (Info courtesy of Wikipedia ).

Bayeux Ltd in Newman Street, London.

Lucy outside Bayeux.

Shelf on the way into the basement where it all happens.

My window display Lightjets