About Simon Larbalestier

I graduated with a Master of Art degree from the Royal College of Art, London in 1987 and from my degree show I began my collaboration with the one of the worlds most influential designer Vaughan Oliver with the record label 4AD, and I have continued to do so for the last 25 years. We have worked together on many design projects in the last 25 years but perhaps the most critically acclaimed is the work we designed for the American rock band the Pixies who are credited with being a major influence on the alternative rock boom of the 1990s. The Pixies' legacy and popularity has grown in the years following their break-up in 1993, leading to sold-out world tours following their reunion in 2004. My photography has been a key factor in the success of their packaging which has resulted in two separate Grammy nominations. In 1989 I was profiled on BBC2's influential art British television arts magazine “The Late Show”. I was one of four British photographers featured which also included Paul Graham and Waldemar Januszczak. At this time my photographic studio was based in the rapidly developing London Docklands and I was shooting for blue chip clients like Olympia and York, Esso, Guinness and Asda (see Client list). My work has been exhibited and published internationally since 1985 and has received international critical acclaim. In 1993 I was commissioned by the publishers Mitchell Beazley to research, collate and write the book “The Art and Craft of Montage” (ISBN 1857320999). It has since sold out but had become a widely sourced reference book for students working with analogue imaging mediums before the rise of digital imaging software like Adobe Photoshop CS and Illustrator. I set up my first website in 1998 offering online print sales and image licensing. This online presence now includes a blog and many other web links to my extensive image archive. In 2009 Vaughan Oliver and I collaborated again on a limited edition box set re-issue of Pixies recordings, Minotaur, which included a 72-page book of new photography and graphics. At a time when print design was in serious decline due to the popularity of online publications, this was an unprecedented move in the design world. In April 2010, I joined Snap Galleries, located in Piccadilly, London, celebrating with a major Pixies Retrospective 1986-2009. This exhibition brought together, for the first time anywhere in the world, two distinct yet complementary bodies of work by me: historic studio based photographs that appeared on the Pixies record sleeves from the 1980s and 90ʼs, and new images created in Bangkok in 2008 specifically for the lavish Pixiesʼ box set project, Minotaur. I have been based in Bangkok, Thailand since 2001 teaching and developing my own personal photographic research and have built up a comprehensive and extensive South East Asian and Asian image library. This is now represented by the London photographic agency, Millennium Images, and the International agency, Alamy.

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